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  1. Robert L. Stinnett says:
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    It Just Plain Rocks, November 8, 2011
    Robert L. Stinnett (Boonville, MO) –

    This review is from: Samsung Focus S 4G Windows Phone (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)

    How can you write about a phone that just plain rocks? Easily, of course! I’ve been using the predecessor to this phone, the Samsung Focus, since it came out in 2010. I have been nothing but pleased with that phone and so when the new Samsung Focus S was announced I wasted no time trying one out — it was an easy sell after I used it for about 5 minutes!

    If you haven’t used the new Windows Phone you really don’t know what you are missing. Forget everything you know about the iPhone and Android. Windows Phone has really redefined what a smart phone should be — not a device that becomes a chore to use or a distraction to everyday life, but rather a device that let’s you focus on your life and integrates your social networks and other happenings together. I challenge anyone looking to get a new smartphone to just try Windows Phone for 15 minutes — I guarantee you will fall in love (or at least deep lust!)

    Having said all that, let’s talk about the new Focus S shall we?

    First off, let’s talk screen size — it’s huge! 4.3 AMOLED that is as vivid as the picture makes it appear. No more struggling to read text or “fat fingering”. This device was built for those who have big hands in mind! You have so much screen real estate your brain may think you are actually using a tablet. It’s huge! Ok, ok – so I’m going a little overboard now, but trust me, the screen is bright, vivid and large.

    With this latest generation of the Focus they have also bundled a front-facing camera. This makes it easy to not only do video calls, but also makes it very convenient to take self-photos. Granted, the front camera is just a mere 1.3 megapixels compared to the 8 megapixel rear camera — but it gets the job done and then some. Speaking of the rear camera, you are going to quickly find that with this incredible 8 megapixel rear facing camera you are going to be questioning the need to lug around a digital camera. It takes amazing pictures — plus with the Windows Phone integrations you are just a touch away from uploading them to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or a myriad of other photo sharing sites.

    Speed wise the phone is very responsive. I’ve had multiple background apps running and have not noticed any noticeable lag. Some folks might be concerned that it is only a single-core processor, but you know what — Windows Phone is designed to work without the need of dual-core processors. I’ve yet to see the phone become bogged down, and again even my original Focus never had a problem keeping up. Remember those dual-core phones come with a price — battery power!

    With 16GB of on-board memory you get plenty of storage — but I will say I am a bit dissapointed that there is no slot for adding additional memory cards. However, even on my original Samsung Focus I only had 10GB total of memory even with a memory card and I never was hurting for space — even with keeping a ton of photos and a few podcasts loaded onto the phone.

    Battery life wise I get a good 24-30 hours out of each charge, but I should say I am a heavy user of the phone. I constantly am taking photos, I have both my personal and work e-mail integrated into the phone, and use quite a few applications. I’d recommend you go ahead and pick up a car charger for the phone because I promise you, you are going to find it hard to put down when you start using it!

    Overall, I’m very pleased and am so happy I went with the Windows Phone platform. I’d love to see them add back in a memory expansion slot for future designs, but right now I’m having a blast with the new phone — and I even handed my old phone down to a family member who is equally as happy (wouldn’t you be as well if you got a free phone?)

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  2. Lea says:
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    As a long-time iPhone user, I’m stunned, November 21, 2011
    Lea (Dallas, TX United States) –

    This review is from: Samsung Focus S 4G Windows Phone (AT&T) (Wireless Phone)

    I’ve been an iPhone user since the original and have owned 7 of those beasts. For work I’ve been using a Gingerbread Android phone for the past six months and found it a very poor experience compared to the iPhone. It’s just not a very good mobile OS. Now I’ve gone down the path of trying Windows 7, and I am shocked that I like this so much. I feel weird for saying this, but the Windows Mango OS is just better than the iPhone. The Samsung Focus S appears to be the best hardware for the OS, so this is, in my mind, the best cell phone on the market today from AT&T.

    How is Mango better than iOS? Email is WAY better. It’s more intuitive, takes fewer clicks to get common tasks done, and it just looks better. The IE (please sit down) browser in Mango is better than Mobile Safari–it’s faster and the way it handles tabs and bookmarks is better (imho). Sites render as you would expect them to look. Contact integration with Facebook is extraordinary. You think your address book is complete until you launch your Windows phone for the first time. You’l find contact information that you’ve never known you had access to thanks to Facebook profile information being automatically pulled in. I could go on, but in my experience, the Windows phone is just a little bit better than iOS and heads and shoulders better than Android. Finally, the entire OS integrates with social media, so it is a thing of beauty to easily share anything and everything.

    One additional note: One of the frurstations with former iPhone users who move to Android is that the apps are just not as good as their iPhone counterparts. The best RSS reader in the Android marketplace wouldn’t make the top five in the iPhone app store, and that pattern is repeated again and again. I was shocked again when I found that was absolutely not the case with the Windows marketplace. The apps in the Windows marketplace are just as good (although not really better) than those in the iPhone app store.

    As it is, my family still clings to their iPhones, and they are grudgingly coming to see my Windows phone as “pretty good,” but as a steady user of iPhone, Android, and Windows, this is the best OS.

    As to the hardware, the Samsung Focus S hums along and is snappier than the iPhone 4 in launching apps and navigating them. The camera takes much better pictures than my iPhone 4, and the dedicated camera button is a life saver when you want to take a quick photo. The fact that the video player also has a lot of options, from zooming to activating the flash, is also a welcome change. The flash is so bright, however, that in very dark conditions it washes out the photo for the most part. This is generally pretty easy to fix in the Samsung Photo Studio app, but it’s annoying regardless.

    I live in Dallas, which is an exceptional AT&T market, so I didn’t expect nor did I have any problems with calls. Dallas is also a HSPA (AT&T’s 3G+ or “4G” data network), and the data speeds are noticably faster than standard 3G phones like the iPhone.

    All in all, I think I’ve seen the OS future of mobile, and it’s being produced by Microsoft. The Samsung iteration is one of the best out there, and the Focus S is the flagship. HIGHLY recommend.

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