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  1. Uday says:
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    Excellent experience with the TeK remote, July 18, 2010

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    I bought this product yesterday (locally from a dispenser) for my father who is 85 years of age and suffering from profound hearing loss. The experience so far has been simply fantastic. An avid TV watcher he has been denied the audio experience for a while now and from last evening on since we hooked up the transmitter and remote he has not been able to stop smiling !!!

    The audio quality via bluetooth is also very good and he was able to have a fair phone conversation after a long while !

    I really like the attention to detail that has gone into the package – providing two separate chargers for the remote and the transmitter, a bunch of plug attachments for the chargers, all kinds of accessories to connect to every conceivable audio device.

    All in all am very satisfied with the device so far.

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  2. Brit101 says:
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    This Product is Super!, July 29, 2011

    This review is from: Siemens Tek Remote

    Got this product a couple of weeks ago.
    Couldn’t be more pleased.
    The sound from the audio device is clear and a real joy to listen to.

    Originally I purchased my hearing aids with the Siemens ProPocket Remote, I was having trouble hearing on the phone so my audiologist suggested I get a remote with the Bluetooth function.

    With the Propocket you had to press the up button to get to a higher number progam, and got an earful of each different programs as you passed through them, the phone, music, tv, normal etc. You could not go directly to the program you wanted but had to pass through the sequentially.

    With the Tek Remote you go directly to the program you want P3 to P1 etc
    without having to hear the different settings of the programs you are not interested in.

    Another excellent feature is you can check the status of your batteries, what state of charge they are in, if there is little left you may change then before failure. Also the level of volume and treble in your sound all by holding the Tek close to the HA and pressing a button for that purpose. All these features are not on the lessor ProPocket Remote.

    With all the Bluetooth functions it makes it very pleasant to listen with to audio products including your cell phone, stereo, mp3 player, comp, TV and radio etc.

    Try this you will be pleased you did.

    Update: After having the unit for less than a year it failed, returned it to my audi and another new one was sent to replace it. One button was not working properly, sent it back to my audi and it came back in the same condition. I took it apart myself and cleaned the contact area. It now again works, but I rarely use it. I use the buttons on the H.A. to change channels. Disappointed with the product, made in a country not known for good electronics, Romania I believe. Would no longer recommend this product, disappointed in Siemens, thought they made great products like 3M.

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