Siemens Cuts 7800 Jobs in Chief Kaeser's Cost-Cutting Drive

Siemens Cuts 7800 Jobs in Chief Kaeser's Cost-Cutting Drive
2013, a further 1,200 losses at the power and gas division in December, and has sold the company's hearing-aid, hospital IT and microbiology units. About 18 percent of its 72 billion euros annual revenue is generated by loss-making units, he said last …
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Scientists Target Smartphone Technology to Improve Hearing Devices
“Current hearing assistive devices are able to fit inside or behind the ear, but come with small, not very powerful processors to keep the device small, low power and low cost,” said Dr. Issa Panahi, associate professor of electrical engineering in the …
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Words in the mouth: device lets you hear with your tongue
In the future, those with substantial hearing loss may no longer need a doctor to surgically implant a cochlear device into their ear to restore their sense of sound. If researchers at Colorado State University are successful, they may just pop a …
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Community Extra: Calendar
Eyeglasses, hearing aids: Lions Clubs are collecting used eyeglasses and hearing aids. Donations may be made at Everett Public Libraries, PUD main office and most opticians and eye doctors. More info: Everett Central Lions Club, Art Ruben at since1965 …
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