Should I use Wax Guards in my Hearing Aids?

Question by Ted (Canton,OH): Should I use Wax Guards in my Hearing Aids?
My original hearing doctor never told me about the wax guards and I was showing another hearing doctor my hearing aids and he was surprised my doctor never gave me wax guards. He looked in my hearing aid and saw it was getting clogged. I asked my original doctor this question of why he never told me about wax guards and he says I don’t need them and just makes them worse, as he would have to clean the hearing aid every month if I used these wax guards. This doesn’t make any sense to me not to use wax guards now and I’m getting very suspicious.

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Answer by 8162008
some of my patients have to change the wax guards every week. with the wax guards it takes very little wax to clog up the hearing aid and then you can’t hear. So imagine being at a restaurant suddenly you can’t hear. You know your battery is only a few days old and aid is probably clogged with wax. You want to hear so you have to take it out of your ear and change the guard. Do you even have one with you? It is often more trouble than it is worth. This problem is worse for those who have more wax obviously. generally if you don’t use the wax guard and just clean the aid carefully you will be fine.

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