should I have to wear a hearing aid if im partially deaf in my left ear?

Question by 307775: should I have to wear a hearing aid if im partially deaf in my left ear?
I’m in a marching band and my section leaders are always saying stuff out on the field, I can hear them but not very well and sometimes not at all. I have never had an issue of not hearing anyone before so i’m not really sure what i should do. Should I tell my section leaders in partially deaf? should I wear a hearing aid?

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Answer by Indigo
See a doctor, it may be something as simple as wax buildup and you may not need a hearing aid.

If you need a hearing aid then you need a hearing aid… Not the end of the world.

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  1. gentl says:

    Hi 307775

    There are a great number of causes that can make hearing difficult. You need to have a hearing test done by an audiologist, not someone at a hearing age store. Some temporary causes of hearing loss are from excess wax in the ear, swelling, sinus problems, infection and etc. Permanent hearing loss can be from a variety of diseases. And then there are the environmental causes such as listening to loud music, hunting w/o ear protection, loud equipment etc.

    Do you experience hearing loss when you are in a room full of people? Can you hear your classroom instructors? Whether you need a hearing aid or not can only be ascertained by an audiologist(the registered person that does the testing) and the specialist physician called an Otolaryngologist(more commonly known as an ENT(ear, nose and throat)).

    You should tell your section leaders that you are having difficulty hearing them. They may just need to call louder. Go see your family doc and let him check for the normal causes for temporary hearing loss.(like excessive ear wax) He will determine what corrective measures should be taken, if any at all.

  2. IAN says:

    See a doctor and perhaps an audiologist and get your ears and hearing checked out. If you need hearing aids try them. They do work.

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