Should I consider a hearing aid?

Question by Dani: Should I consider a hearing aid?
I have had some hearing loss in my left ear since I was very young and I’ve started noticing that it may be getting worse. I’m only 19 and it’s becoming a bit of a bother, simply asking to repeat things or missing parts of conversations. I’m fluent in American Sign Language, can lipread, and very familiar with the culture. I often lipread during conversations anyways, just in case I miss something.
Lately I’ve been contemplating going to see a doctor regarding the hearing loss, however I’ve noticed that hearing aids or sound amplifiers are available on I’m really not too concerned about the loss of hearing, but more so regaining some of what was lost.
Any suggestions?

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Answer by Harrald
Hearing-aid appliances are prescribed after your hearing has been measured. Hearing-aid manufacturers have audiologists on staff who can technically measured your hearing. Or, you can visit the offices of professional audiologists and have your hearing measured in a soundless booth. You should do some research in advance and select one or two hearing-aid dealers like Miracle-Ear, Beltone, etc. Next, look in the Yellow Pages for names of audiologists and inquire about the testing and price.

I had a tumor growing within my inner ear for 20 years without knowing it. I had balance problems and had nausea and vomiting, especially if I was in a car. An MRI scan showed the tumor that was excised, but I lost hearing in my right ear. I advise you not to delay having your hearing measured.


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