SHould I buy an HDTV? Pros/ Cons Best of the Cheaper Brands?

Question by TaylorProud: SHould I buy an HDTV? Pros/ Cons Best of the Cheaper Brands?
I heard Vizio was a good cheap brand sold at Wal-mart and Sears? Can you still watch regular (non HD programs)? What about Full-Screen? Do Screens look funny? Hard to see?

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Answer by Mary A
HD is great, but remember almost ever cable company charges more to get HD programming. Just don’t get the plasma screens. The plasma cells are not yet perfected and they burn out in approx. 5-7 years!

Good luck!

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  1. J F says:

    I live in MD. One of my co-workers received a notice from comcast telling her that they are no longer going to offer analog. I think I read somewhere that analog will become obsolete by 2009, but you know how those things go.

    As for which brands are the best value, I’m still not sure. I haven’t purchased one yet. All of the research I’ve done tells me to go with LCD for watching my favorite drama movies. I’ve heard that if you’re a sports fan or action movie fan, that plasma may be the better way to go. Maybe you could get one of each. 🙂

    If I were you, I’d use multiple sources to aid in your search: Consumer Reports, View shopper ratings at online stores, look at technical magazines like Popular Mechanics, etc.

    Here is one reliable inline source:

  2. Sonny says:

    Yes Visio is a good brand for the price, but I would personally go with LG very good for the price. Yes you can watch regular programs(non HD) and somtimes they do look funny but it also depends on how everything is hooked up. NO they dont get hard to see. The first thing i would do is measure how far youre going to be sitting from the TV. 8′-under away, 37″-42″ screen size, 6′ -10′ away, 42″ -46″ screen size, 10′-14′ away, 50″ screen size, 14′-18′ away, 60″ screen size, etc…. This distance to screen size helps alot cause alot of people dont realize that 50″ screen doesnt really look good from 6′ away even when its in HD. So when youre watching a non HD program if the TV is in a good position away then it wote look so bad. Cause no matter how good or expensive the TV is if its not the right distance from your seating area it can and will look like Sh*t. Then it comes down to connectivity make sure you use good cables cause if not then its like running a Z06 Corvette with regular gas instead of Super(premium) cause then it just doesnt seem right. You can and will notice a difference with good cables. Then with an HD TV make sure you get a Progresive scan DVD player to match the performance of your HD TV or a Blu-ray player wich is top of the line cause it plays 1080p Discs wich is the highest resolution right now(picture quality). Blu-ray is only worth it if you buy a 1080p HD TV and if you dont care about spending like $ 1000 bucks to get that 1080p quality. So if youre buying a Visio or an LG and if youre on a budget then dont bother with a Blu-ray wait untill they go down.( a couple of years). Sorry about that. That was a little Blu-ray rant cause i want you to realize what you need and dont need so you dont get pushed by a salesman cause some are good enough that no matter what type of buyer you are they can sell it to you even if you dont need it. So good luck. Any more questions just throw it on Yahoo and ill be on top of it as soon as i can.

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