Seniors: Would investing in a good hearing aid be worth the money?

Question by CindyLou Who from Whoville: Seniors: Would investing in a good hearing aid be worth the money?
I’ve heard that a hearing aid does help, but you still can’t hear well in a crowded room with lots of talking and music playing. And what about tv or movie watching? Can you really hear it better? This is for my elderly mother who is considering getting one. What do you think?
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Answer by judyarb1945
My mom paid $ 2000 for hearing aids about 7 years ago and she rarely wore them because they were set at a volume that she wasn’t used to. She kept taking them out and putting them in a kleenex, when she was away from her apartment. Naturally, she lost them, probably not realizing they were in the kleenex. She had Alzheimers. I warned her about putting them in the tissue, but she didn’t listen to me.

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  1. Alan Alda says:

    Being able to hear is a glorious thing

  2. Darth Diabolicus Pandemonium says:

    What? Speak up Sonny

    Yeah actually, if it helps you it has to be a good thing.

  3. Whortleberry says:

    Yes and no. I’ve had a hearing aid for a little over a year, and here’s my report. Yes, it does help one hear better. No, it does not restore hearing to one’s original ability. In talking with my ear doctor, he said, “Yes, your glasses restore your eyesight to what it was when you were 16. Unfortunately, hearing aids are not that good. They will help some, but they will not restore your hearing to what it originally was. That’s just the state of the art today. We can hope it will be better in the future, as today’s is better than the past. But for now, here is where we are.”

    Some Netflix movies have good, clear sound tracks. Some do not. I now limit myself pretty much to renting only those with “Enlgish for the deaf and hearing impaired.”

    For TV, yes, it helps. Also, you can turn the TV up to where — with your hearing aid — you can hear just fine.

    Hope this all helps.

  4. George says:

    in Britain deaf people get them free,they have ben issuing the digital ones for a couple of years,we also get free batteries and service,I have been deaf for 25 years and have no problems except I lost the left one,but got a free replacement.

  5. Ms. Minerva says:

    My Dad resisted hearing aids forever….then we finally told him either he got one or we would steal his car….were worried he couldn’t hear the sirens from emergency vehicles. Had a friend whose father was killed when he pulled out in front of a squad car.

    My sister went with Dad to get the hearing aid…and insisted that he get the best one….told him if he couldn’t afford it, all of us had agreed to pay for it.

    After he went back for adjustments a couple of times, he is satisfied with them…and wears them whenever he leaves the house. He takes them out at home…says he got so used to not hearing a lot of noise without them….that he likes that.
    His phone is fitted with amplifiers and a ringer that you can probably hear five blocks away.

    Also, he has a border collie that lives with him….who is a pretty good alarm sounder whenever there is a noise outside that Daddy might not hear.

    He especially likes to have it when he goes to church and is out visiting with people. He can now carry on conversations at tables of people who are talking….and no longer has to rely on lip-reading….or just barely join the conversation fearful that he will respond in the wrong way to something he didn’t hear very well.

    Yes, make your mother get one. AND get a good one…and be prepared that you will have to go back maybe several times to get a good adjustment…..but it is SO worth it.

  6. RoHo says:

    Unlike Ms. Minerva, I cant say for sure because I’ve never worn them. But my answer is close to Judys. After paying HUGE money for two for my mother, we found she wouldn’t wear them. She didn’t like them, she said they made a ringing in her ears, and my sister said she thought mom threw them out the window of the car on a trip to the Dr. She also had Alzheimer’s.

  7. RB says:

    Some of the good ones have filters and adjustments for the different situations. Some people like them and others don’t. For my loss, one wouldn’t help.

  8. Donald says:

    Two senior citizen men would meet each day in the park and talk and drink coffee. Then 3 days went by and one of the men didn’t show up. He came to the bench on the fourth day. First friend said, “Hank, where ya been? I haven’t seen ya in 3 days, Thought you had died.” Hank says, “Oh, Bob, I’ve been out getting my new hearing aids. They’re the best on the market” Bob asks, “What kind is it?” Hank replies “9:15 a.m.”

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