senior citizenneed help with hearing aid company?

Question by : senior citizenneed help with hearing aid company?
I purchased hearing aids 3yrs ago .The 1st yr. no problem. The 2nd yr. they were in for repair more than in my ears.My warranty ran out6/14/11 while 1 of them just came back from repair. The ear technicain called SHARKEY industry numerous times but they just ignore his attempts to get my warranty extended the left was broke they charged me $ 140.00 for 6 months extend.Now thier both broke PLEASE HELP Andrew Harowski 734 782 9474 /734 777 5986cell E-mail

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Answer by Joanne A.
Sorry, I don’t know how to help you except get an attorney to handle this for you.

If it were me, I’d go to a better company and get new hearing aids.

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  1. sunrise says:

    i get mine online for $ 150. plus batteries they last a few years and i get a new one. hearing aids are a big scam. thats why Medicare dropped them. a lot of senior centers have free tests.

  2. fcm703 says:

    I have tried several hearing aids. All they do is amplify the room noise and make it harder to hear conversations.

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