Samsung T401G Prepaid Phone (Net10)

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  1. 1Life ""Live life with no regrets" ~ ... says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    good phone, okay service (updated review as of 12/18/10), December 4, 2010
    This review is from: Samsung T401G Prepaid Phone (Net10) (Wireless Phone Accessory)


    -easy to use phone (similar to samsung gravity models – only thicker)
    -easy to use service
    -easy to add airtime – you can buy cards offline at various locations that sell the airtime cards like gas stations, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc or buy airtime online from the Net10 website, or buy right thru the Buy Airtime link in your phone
    -low cost of service depending on what kind of airtime cards you get and how frequently you use your phone
    -port your existing number (but this does have a con as well – make sure you read it below)
    -texting is charged .30 with this model/blackberry model, and .50 with other models
    -lots of diff types of phones to choose from: sliders, blackberry, flips, non-flip
    -phones are cheap – most expensive one is the blackberry model for $99.99
    – accessory kit is cheap and comes with alot $14.99 – car charger, wall charger, earpiece (handsfree), etc.


    -kinda a flimsy phone, cheap made

    -don’t buy a refurb unless you’re extremely tech savvy and can spend the time on the phone w/ the cust. service tech troubleshooting issues

    – Porting your existing number – if you port your number from another cellphone – you have to keep that cellphone service active in order to have that ported number work on the net10 phone. why pay for 2 phones/services? Most ppl switching to net10 are switching to get out of high monthly fees from contract carriers – so i say don’t port the number unless you want to continue paying for 2 phones. Porting might work best if you are porting a number from another pre-paid phone (i.e. Net10, Tracfone, etc).

    – Customer service: Online tech support is a joke (both on net10’s site and facebook net10). Don’t waste your time, just call them instead. Online tech’s take days, weeks, to months to answer your problem(s). Net10 Tech’s thru the phone take anywhere from 20 mins to maybe a couple hours depending on your issue. You will enter alot of codes in the phone in order to t-shoot your issue.

    – don’t expect the phone to work right off the bat when you purchase it, it probaly won’t. you have to go online and enter the serial #, or sim card number, and sometimes the phone # (even though you don’t have one yet) in order to activate. if you have to call cust. serv., do it from a land line/home phone or business phone and expect to be on the phone for at least 20min to a couple hours entering lots of numeric codes into the phone in order to get it to work. last problem i had took us 2 diff techs and nearly 3 hours on the phone to t-shoot. (no lie). Don’t call from a cell phone, your battery will either die or be close to going dead after you finish w/ net10 cust. service.

    -pic messaging/retrieving – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – i get repeat charges of 1.00 for retrieving a photo, and sometimes it never comes. if i see it is taking a long time and repeat charging me, i just delete it. not worth the use of my min being taken away.

    texting: you get charged to send/receive

    – deleting text msg’s – You’ll be charged .30 to delete the msg.

    -voicemail – you get charged to listen to your voicemail.

    -airtime cards: probaly best to go w/ Pay As You Go cards – these are the ones that cost as low as $15 up to $100 and give you more service days then talk time. ex: 90 days ( i think it is) for 300 min. If you buy the pay as you go cards, you can rollover your min and service time.

    However, if you go buy the monthly cards – 750 min for $25, or unlimited for $50 – you only get 30 days of service, and every month you have to re-buy another card. If you reload w/ a Pay As You Go card while you currently have the monthly card, NONE of your unused min/service days will roll over. Monthly cards do not rollover. Pay As You Go Cards only rollover unused min and extend service days.

    Web Browser: EXTREMELY SLOW! Usually never works for me, even though i am in a great signal strength area.

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  2. Stan Gale says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great phone – great deal., March 10, 2011
    Stan Gale (Los Angeles, California) –

    This review is from: Samsung T401G Prepaid Phone (Net10) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    We bought one of these for our 12 year-old daughter Christmas 2009.
    Since then she’s used it for voice and texting and it serves as a premium cellphone.
    Samsung’s build quality is top-notch.
    It’s held up excellently and has been trouble-free.
    Call reception and clarity is on par with any other 1st rate phone/provider.
    She uses the camera, video camera, and alarm features and has enjoyed great functionality.
    We’d never used Net10 before and are very satisfied – it’s saved us a lot of money over conventional companies.
    Because it’s prepaid she’s frugal with her 10 cent minutes and 3 cent text messages.
    We’ve found this phone and service so practical and economical that now we’re getting one for little sister!

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  3. H. Czerwiowska "Peace Loving Momma" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent phone for cheap texting and voice, March 14, 2011
    This review is from: Samsung T401G Prepaid Phone (Net10) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

    This is a high quality phone at a decent price, especially now that it’s more like 60 bucks.
    The service from Net10 is cheap if you purchase minutes online.
    Go to “MONTHLY PLANS” >> “EASY MINUTES”, and then you only pay $15 a month.
    The online phone setup was easy and fast if you follow the instructions to the letter.
    I set up two phones, one for me and one for my spouse, without problems.
    The tiny manual is not detailed, but you can download the manual.
    If you purchase a USB data cable or use Bluetooth, and switch the storage to “Mass Storage”,
    you can download ringtones, pictures, etc. to your phone and you don’t have to use up your airtime minutes.
    Avoid using the browser, as it will suck your minutes quickly. I do not like that the soft button for the browser is right up front and so easy to accidentally click on that it becomes an annoyance.
    If you want a browser and email phone, then this is probably not the phone for you.
    If you want cheap minutes and texting, then this is the way to go.
    Other phones from Net10 charge you .5 cents per text, but this phone only uses .3 cents per text.
    I’m very pleased with the phone and the service so far.

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