'Round the Square for Thursday

'Round the Square for Thursday
But if it works it will be a cost saving idea for your readers who wear hearing aids. “It's an idea that is worth sharing with your readers who wear hearing aids or members of their families who can pass the information on to their friends or relatives …
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A senior moment: Cut off
How many cartoons have you seen of old guy holding a trumpet like hearing aid to their ears while his fat wife yells into it? … Speech comes at you as coded information and it takes time to figure that “bare ov zdingy zogz” means “pair of stinky …
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Helping Siri hear through a cocktail party
"With the extra information, it should also be possible to improve the sound fidelity and increase functionalities for applications like hearing aids and cochlear implants. One obvious challenge is to make the system physically small. It is challenging …
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