Question about children with hearing problems?

Question by jessica D: Question about children with hearing problems?
My son has been in and out of the Ear Dr for a few years. He keeps getting a lot of ear wax build up .Which has to be cleaned out on a regular basic. He all so keeps failing his hearing test. The Ear Dr does not find anything wrong with it. And keeps telling me to come back in 6 months for a recheck up. My only thing with all of this is the only one suffering here is my son. He is all so in Speech too. He does not have Tubes either. If the Dr can not find nothing wrong with my son hearing test what else can I do as a parent to help my child? If there is anyone with this problem please let me know.

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Answer by Daniel W
Buy some earwax remover from the Pharmacy. You can get it over the counter. It bubbles and does as well as the doctor can.

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  1. montreal canadiens #1 fan says:

    no but i think u need to changr drs asapp there is something wrong and that quack isint doing n e thing about it so change doctors

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