Q&A: Will a guy date a girl who wears hearing aids?

Question by shawty199873: Will a guy date a girl who wears hearing aids?
I’m a 20 year old girl who’s never had a boyfriend. I’ll say I’m just like any other normal girl out there. I talk perfectly fine, my hearing by wearing hearing aids is normal. I barely say “what” to who I communicate with. I was never taught sign language and went to normal schools.

I’m in college now working on my bachelor degree in health offered by a few scholarships. I’ve won homecoming queen in my senior year in high school, top state finalist homecoming queen in Michigan based on personality and beauty. I’m athlete, I’ve played varsity volleyball, basketball, and captain and pitcher in softball. I entered a bikini bodybuilding competition in my freshmen year of college attending to the youngest female out of 132 competitors. I’m a very confident person who has achieved many things in life.

The reason why I’m confident is because NO ONE knows I’m hearing impaired and wear hearing aids. The doctors found out when I was 4 years old. I went to a private elementary & middle school. I was bullied, picked on, and had no friends, they called me, “deaf girl.” My siblings always had friends to come home with and I had no one. I was always sad, no confidence in myself, I felt excluded and embarrassed all the time.

When high school came around, I attended to a high school where I knew nobody. I wanted that because I wanted to start fresh by wearing my hair down everyday, and within sports, my hair is extremely long and thick so it covered my ears when I put it up, luckily. None of teammates knew, none of my friends did, not even my best friends of 5 years know. Nobody made fun of me, I felt normal, wanted. I was even asked on dates, homecoming dates, prom and etc, but I never had a boyfriend.

For one thing, I have high standards and another is my hearing loss. If someone finds out I wear hearing aids, I’m embarrassed for life, my childhood life basically haunted me of how I look at it. Nobody knows how secretly insecure I am wearing hearing aids. Even if someone nicely asks me having hearing loss, I get so weak about myself, I cry all day and then I’m sad for a week or so. Or for a check up, I’m always asking and praying for a surgery thats available for me, there’s nothing they can do, I cry every time I see a doctor. Nobody realizes how hard it is for me because I always have a smile on my face. I don’t know why this I had to happen to me.

No I never thought about trying to commit a suicide because I believe one day things will get better and a miracle will happen for me.

All I just want to know if I ever date a guy who doesn’t know about my deep secret, will he think less of me?

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Answer by Slim Shady
I would go out with you bcuz your might not be the most beautiful one but bcuz your smart thats what makes you beyond beautiful 🙂

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Will a guy date a girl who wears hearing aids?”

  1. scoRpion says:

    Who cares if you have a hearing aid? Who cares if you were blind or paralyzed? He’d treat you the same way he would if he still didn’t know.

  2. Shane Michael says:

    There is no shame in wearing hearing aids! Yes I would date a girl who wore them. Anybody would.

  3. Callum says:

    oh no gurl, lighten up and have fun course the guys will still date you, like someone else said some people are paralyzed disabled etc and have normal partners, its all about the indivuals and there feelings, just have fun with your friends and dont put yourself down about it. be carefree and trust me some guy will try and snap you up i assure you

  4. Grayson says:

    He shouldnt think less of you as long as he knows its embarrassing for you. i would be fine with hearing aids.

  5. PattyM says:

    It sounds as if the kids in grade school really gave you a hard time. Kids are especially cruel toward anyone perceived to be “different”. But, Shawnty, those kids and their insults are a long way in your past. Frankly I cannot imagine why any adult would have any problem with your hearing aids. To anyone past puberty it is simply a non-issue.

    I do wish that there was some way that I could reach out and help you with your feelings of embarrassment and your being so depressed over what is really inconsequential. I can’t. But I do urge you to seek out a therapist to help you with these feelings. The fears are holding you back from having the rich, full life you deserve.

    By the way, I wear two hearing aids myself.

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