Q&A: Why do I have hearing loss in only my left ear?

Question by roly poly fish heads: Why do I have hearing loss in only my left ear?
Professionals only please. As far as I know I have not been exposed to blasts or excessive loud noise on that side. I have tinnitus. My hearing loss is severe in high frequencies (65 Db). I have some neural damage in that ear (25 Db in high freq.). My right ear is fine (20 Db). I am 40, male, and have developed hearing loss and tinnitus gradually. Loud noises bother me. I have trouble with conversations in noisy places. As a child I had measles which may be relevant in some types of hearing loss. After visiting a hearing test, I was directed to a specialist. After reading on the internet, I am for the first time taking my hearing loss seriously. In fact, I am worried. What is the most probable cause of my hearing loss? It’s only in my left ear. What would still be common causes? Noise/environment? Otosclerosis? Acoustic neuroma? Are acoustic neuromas in fact extremely rare? I chose to deliberately wait until after Christmas. 6 more days… Is it still most likely noise?

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Answer by sugarBear
I am a Registered Nurse. Sounds like your hearing loss could be genetic related, you were probably born with it & it got worse slowly as you got older. The way you describe your hearing loss sounds like you can benefit from a hearing aid. I suggest you speak with your Audiologist, have him/her do your ear molds & go over what the best type of hearing aid there is for your type of hearing loss. Once you get the hearing aids, you will realize that sounds alot better & made a big difference. Good luck!

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