Q&A: Why can i hear static on my home phone from CenturyLink?

Question by Jazmin: Why can i hear static on my home phone from CenturyLink?
Every time i make a call or when someone calls me u hear static on the phone. i have no idea what it is. the people i call on the other line can hear it too. i used to have home service with Time Warren cable and it worked fine, but we changed service to Century Link a few days ago and i don’t know what is wrong. i have a new filter that i got when i got it. please help?

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Answer by Bob Gates
Sounds like Interference so you could have a dodgy cable or what do you have connected to your splitter.

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  1. joe r says:


    here is a quick test to see if the noise is coming from your DSL modem… turn the DSL modem off, or disconnect if from your phone line.. if the static goes away, then you need to ensure that EVERYTHING connected to your phone line EXCEPT the modem has a filter on it… including all phones, fax machines, satellite boxes, your alarm system.. etc…

    if you still hear static then your best option would be to bring a corded phone out to the NID on the side or back of your house and connect the phone there to see if there is still static.. if it is still there, then the problem is on the line outside and you need to call your local service provider to come out and make the repairs. if the trouble goes away, then there is a problem inside your home somewhere… check the jacks for water damage (greenish or blackish color on the jack contacts and line cord plugs) or loose wiring..

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