Q&A: who would have dead hearing aids batteries?

Question by : who would have dead hearing aids batteries?
hi i been refinding old watch batteries so i been calling watch repair shops then someone told me that a lot of people throw away those kind of batteries when then go dead from hearing aids so may question is what kind of company would have a lot of dead batteries from hearing aids so i can call and ask if they want to sale them ?

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  1. GibsonEssGee says:

    People with hearing aids usually have a battery exchange program so their new batteries are supplied either by their health service or by the company that originally supplied the hearing aid. The old batteries are exchanged when the new ones are picked up.

  2. C says:

    Um no. Clearly you do not know. Battery exchange program in 2011 for hearing aids? They are zinc air batteries, they are simply thrown away.

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