Q&A: which is the best hearing aid ?

Question by dickster: which is the best hearing aid ?

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Answer by LetThemHearFoundation
The “best” will always be what you can afford that is the best for your particular level of hearing loss. It is essential that the aid be suited for your level of hearing loss. For example, you don’t want to use an aid for a moderate loss if you have a severe loss. Doesn’t matter if it never breaks, you’re just not going to be happy with it. The configuration needs to fit your lifestyle. If you are adamant that you only want a CIC aid (completely in canal) you need to restrict your search to manufacturers that offer those configurations. The accessories and functionality also need to fit what you want. If you want Bluetooth access to your cell phone directly from your hearing aid, for example, that will restrict which hearing aids you look at.

My daughter and I have have both used Phonaks and Oticons, and both are extremely high quality hearing aid manufacturers. Out of 15 years of hearing aid wear, one Phonak was in the shop once, and one Oticon was in the shop once, so the overall durability was extremely high.

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