Q&A: Where to find hearing aid batteries in Manchester?

Question by Mayha: Where to find hearing aid batteries in Manchester?
I’m moving to study and live in Manchester. I’d like to know where I can find and buy hearing aid batteries.

That would be great if anyone can tell me how much as well (battery number 10/yellow/ smallest ones)

Thanks in advance. 🙂

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Answer by sarch_uk
You do not give your nationality. However if you are a foreign student you may find that you are eligible for certain NHS treatments which may include the issuing of hearing aid batteries but I could not swear to that (I have a NHS aid and my batteries are free).

You can find some useful Information here…

If you are not entitled to the NHS batteries, there are plenty of places in Manchester where you should be able to obtain your batteries though I couldn’t give you a cost for them…

Actually I have just done a quick search and remembered that Spec Savers (eye testing and spectacle suppliers) now do hearing tests, and supply aids and batteries and number 10 are £9.90 for 6…

There are plenty of Spec Savers in and around Manchester…the Arndale centre is actually right in the centre of Manchester…

Lucky you going to Manchester, they have some superb shows/ acts on at the M.E.N. which we often go to as we live around 35 miles away…

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  1. IAN says:

    Where did you used to get them from? Do you have UK NHS hearing aids? Or are they privately purchases? If you bought your hearing aids where did you buy them from a? nationwide hearing company such as Specsavers or Amplifon or Hidden Hearing ?

    Larger branches of Boots chemists also sell them

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