Q&A: Where should we stay when we go to Vegas for my 25th birthday?

Question by coleykim69: Where should we stay when we go to Vegas for my 25th birthday?
We are traveling to Las Vegas in August for my golden birthday! We have never been there before and would like a little input on where to stay. We do not want to stay in the cheapest hotel but something in the middle price range. A nice room is a big plus! Thank you!!

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Answer by Scooch
I stayed in the Luxor, which was great: nice rooms, good price, great dance club, decently-priced food and drinks, and awesome attractions (Titanic and Bodies). However, it was near the end of the strip, so if you want to go anywhere else, be prepared for either taxis or a lot of walking.

In the end, we had a great time, and I would definitely stay at there again!

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  1. K C says:

    I would stay somewhere center strip. The mirage is in the middle price range and good for younger groups. Bellagio or planet Hollywood are good options too. Luxor isn’t the nicest and is far down and the strip making it harder to get to the more popular areas of the strip and the casinos with the best clubs (tryst, xs)

  2. kevin says:

    if price is a factor,Fremont street is a very affordable option. Rooms @25 a nite, $ 1.99 breakfast, $ 5.99 dinners. Get a bus pass and play on the strip and skip the 20.00 buffets. Beware, you might get a cheap room on the strip, but you have to eat and it’s pricey where ever you dine. Bottom line, Vegas will cost you, look at Vegas.com. big site, good deals

  3. Heidi T says:

    I recommend the Luxor or the Flamingo.
    We stayed at the Flamingo from 8/29/10 – 9/1/10. The room was $ 50.00 a night.
    Every one who works at the Flamingo was very nice, friendly and helpful.
    The breakfast buffet in the morning and the seafood buffet in the evening were excellent at the Paradise Garden Buffet.

  4. banananose_89117 says:

    Luxor or Planet Hollywood

  5. Bob Urs says:

    If it’s your birthday, I assume you’ll want to party. If that’s the case, I’d go to Planet Hollywood. It’s right in the middle of the strip, great party vibe, young attractive crowd, good live bands, mall right inside the hotel, and hollywood memoriabilia right inside your room. If you want a bigger room, the Planet Hollywood Westgate towers are an option as well.

    If that’s too expensive for you, then I’d pick the Flamingo. Good location, very affordable, awesome pool, and overall a great hotel for the price.

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  6. star says:

    You’ll probably enjoy Planet Hollywood as long as you don’t pay much (it’s not worth more than 70 dollars per night, but weekends are more expensive everywhere in Vegas). Montecarlo is a cheaper option though not so ‘cool’. Luxur is great for the low prices (and of course Mandalay Bay only costs 69 dollars per night these days, and it’s fabulous – as long as you don’t mind the location).

    Mirage is fabulous in every aspect if you can get a room for about 70 dollars per night.

  7. Elly Spinoza says:

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  8. Dan says:

    Personally, I have only stayed in one of the cheaper hotels in Vegas. I stayed at the El Cortez in downtown. It wasn’t that nice since I had a horrible view and it smelt of cigarettes.

    What’s that space-needle like building called. Anyways, that sounds nice.

    You can compare prices easily with this site:


    some obvious sites for comparing prices are hotels.com (I hear that advertised all the time)

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