Q&A: Where is a Free online place I can start my GED at?

Question by Andy Garner: Where is a Free online place I can start my GED at?
I’m trying to find a site where I can take or attened classes for Free online too get my GED. Everything I seem to click on sends me to a different link. I don’t want a link I want online help to start the process to get my GED. Can anyone help? And Please no more links.

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Answer by Bilal Shafique
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One Response to “Q&A: Where is a Free online place I can start my GED at?”

  1. ctsmrvn says:

    This will be honest and helpful, but it will not be what you want to hear. The truth is that no “online” GED program that I have ever heard of or investigated has been legitimate. They are rip offs, waiting to grab your money (nothing of value is ever “free”) and when you are finished paying them, you discover that the certificate they send you will not be accepted by any employers or colleges. Here’s the smart idea: Plan to do the GED the right way, by going to a GED preparation center and taking the test in person. The local school district main offices, a branch of the public library, or the counseling department of a community college can direct you to GED preparation which will be worth something when you finish. Trouble working out the schedule? GED classes are available both days and nights. Problem with money? There are ways to work around such challenges. Check out the real thing. You’ll be glad you did.

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