Q&A: Where can I find best hearing aids in Hyderabad?

Question by sirisha a: Where can I find best hearing aids in Hyderabad?
I want to buy best quality hearing aid. Which are the best institutes where I can buy hearing aids?

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Answer by kakahealthcare
pls call any of telebrands office in hyd, they have good quality of hearing aid with very low price free from all taxes under disable category

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2 Responses to “Q&A: Where can I find best hearing aids in Hyderabad?”

  1. mohan r says:

    hi friend
    so many at secundrabad. any hearing aid.
    all the best.

  2. Doug says:

    We contacted an American Man that provides hearing aids to the Poorer 3rd world countries such as Peru. He gave me prices of $ 300-$ 500 for Digital Programmables being a 12 band 4 channel hearing aid. Also for a 32 channel 64 band, he quoted me $ 699. I bought the 32 Channel for $ 699. All I had to do was mail him 2 ear impressions to him in Peru using DHL and he sent my custom built hearing aids back to me in 3 weeks. I save about $ 3000 using this man. He also gave me 1 year warranty. you can look at his website at www accutoneusa com you will want to email the owner directly at accutoneusa@gmail.com and ask to speak to Doug. Mention My name, FRANK from South Dakota.

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