Q&A: What is your opinion regarding the legalization of marijuana?

Question by Jake: What is your opinion regarding the legalization of marijuana?
I want to hear both sides of the discussion.

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Answer by Lea R
I say do legalise it.
I don’t smoke but have.
In the alcohol soaked society that is North America, we have much more to worry about than weed smokers.
Weed has medicinal properties like helping those from chemotherapy eat, glaucoma sufferers, etc.
I hate the assholes who give weed a bad name by trading it for chrystal meth and guns.

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One Response to “Q&A: What is your opinion regarding the legalization of marijuana?”

  1. Big Nasty 775 says:

    We are locking up millions of Americans for privately undertaking a peaceful activity that harms neither themselves nor those around them.
    The U.S. has 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of its inmates (CNN). It costs taxpayers good money to keep people behind bars, and the legalization of marijuana could surely aid in amending our disgustingly disproportionate prison system. These are non violent criminals. People who use it range from parents to lawyers, teachers, students, and other normal people of everyday society.
    Also, many statistics say that 60% or higher of their student body at high schools around the country has tried or does marijuana. Imagine the state of our country if each of these students, many whom are legal adults, had been caught their first time and tried accordingly? Over 60% of a class in prison or being fined.
    It hasn’t killed anyone. You can’t kill yourself doing it.
    It doesn’t make you belligerent.
    It’s one of the few multi-billion dollar industries that hasn’t happened yet. The benefit taxing marijuana would be a very underestimated boon for the economy.
    The pluses of legalization heavily outweigh the downsides, and I’m not even sure if there are any. The marijuana plant can be used for clothing, paper, cooking, and is even being legalized as a MEDICINE around the country. It’s an issue that science is for over and over again but is halted by frightened politicians who have labeled it as dangerous as heroine without any proper research.

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