Q&A: What is the best over the counter sleep aid?

Question by : What is the best over the counter sleep aid?
I’ve taken Seroquel, Klonopin, and Ambien for so long that it has very little effect on me now. I just need a good OTC sleep aid that will actually work. Any advise would be greatly apprieciated. Thank You!

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Answer by Detox Vortex
try melatonin

it’s natural, often times brain chemistry is off and melatonin helps.

Don’t eat or drink 4-5 hours before sleep. Don’t watch TV before bed, it’s too stimulating.

Try some breathing exercises….like inhale for one count and exhale for three or any number with a 1-3 ratio. (good for anxiety/stress)

Melatonin does work….

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  1. Happy at Last says:

    Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve been on Ambien for 15 years, I can’t sleep 10 minutes without it. =[

    My parents & sister take Tylenol PM (OTC) & they swear by it. I tried it once when I didn’t have an Ambien with me, it worked okay, nothing like my beloved Ambien, but they really think it works. Give it a try.

    My doctor told me that eating turkey (tryptophan, its not a myth) & warm milk helps the body to get sleepy. I also tried a combo of Calcium/Magnesium at night (YEARS ago & before Ambien) which helped a lot too. Also Melatonin (OTC) is good for inducing sleep, though I hear some feel drugged the next day (lingering sleepiness.) You can also get “moon drops” & “Sleepy Time Tea” at the drug store or health food stores which also help in sleep.

    Hope this helps! Good night! =)

  2. PARTHA R says:

    Dear friend, you have tried conventional medicines.
    Now is the time to try Alternate Medicine. It is so simple :


    1. Go to the Toilet and now keep your feet under flowing water for 5 minutes.
    Return to your Bed Room. Wipe your feet and go to bed. If possible, cover your feet with a
    linen.[ I am not asking for a blanket because I am in India and it is very hot and humid 24×7 ]
    and do not know where you are placed.
    2. Take a Mug full of water at normal temperature .Neither cold nor hot.
    3. Apply the water behind your Ears , on your Neck , and your Elbows and wipe it

    Try this for just 2 days and you will sleep well.

  3. Sivamrita Chaitanya says:

    Full head and body oil massage before bath helps. There are many ayurvedic medicines and oils for good sleep.

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