Q&A: What is the best hearing aid out there?

Question by GoodAsDead: What is the best hearing aid out there?
The one’s that stay on the ears

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Answer by melloyellolab2000
The best hearing aid is the one you can wear comfortably and consistently. There are many manufacturers and many products that fit a variety of hearing problems and ear structures. Not all instruments are alike and not all hearing aid manufacturers produce the same quality products. You have to do some research prior to getting into the decision making process. Be sure to seek the professional assistance of a certified audiologist, in conjunction with a medical examination before you get a hearing aid.

My practice dispenses mostly Oticon products and we base our decisions upon the quality and technology, as well as customer service and dedication to the hearing impaired population that Oticon displays. You can check out their website which is most educational at www.oticonus.com. I highly recommend their products!

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  1. hearkat says:

    Hi! I’m also an Audiologist — in New Jersey as part of a large group of Ear, Nose and Throat doctors and Audiologists.

    The best hearing aid depends on many variables, especially:
    The type and degree of hearing loss;
    The size and shape of the person’s ear; and
    The individual’s lifestyle and day-to-day activities.

    In our group, we have a no cost, no obligation hearing aid evaluation. During that visit, we demonstrate hearing aid(s) that have been programmed for the patient’s hearing loss, so they can get an idea of the sound as we discuss all the options. I will show the patient the different types of hearing aid shell, from tiny completely-in-the-canal (CIC) units, to behind-the-ear (BTE) styles, and everything in between. I then explain the pros and cons of each, and state my recommendation and perhaps another option or two (if applicable) for that patient.

    I then discuss all the technologies available in hearing aids and how they have improved over time. I also explain how the difference in these features and how high-tech they are will impact the price of the device. I also ask the patient when does their hearing loss frustrate them the most, and in what situations do they have difficulty hearing. We discuss what types of listening environments the person is in and what options will have the most benefit.

    I also stress that the patient must have realistic expectations and realize that there is a period of adaptation that varies from one person to another. Historically, people have waited several years before seeking help for their hearing loss. Unfortunately, while the hearing is fading, the auditory nerves are weakening from lack of stimulation. So when we do give sound bak to that individual, the nerve can be a bit overwhelmed. With time it gets better, but there will never be “perfect” or “normal” hearing the way the patient thinks they remember it being.

    At least I can say that more and more people are willing to seek out help sooner than they used to, because we are more reliant on hearing than we ever were before. We are also becoming less hung-up on image; more and more of my patients say, “I don’t care if someone sees it, I just want to hear and not have to guess or ask them to repeat!” Besides, so many people in our society have something stuck to their ears already!

    We work with several manufacturers, but I also currently am favoring Oticon products, as their technology is sound, they have a great range of products for different purposes and prices, and I’ve had excellent customer service from them lately.

    As you see, there’s no easy answer to your rather vague question. I highly recommend seeing an Audiologist for a comprehensive Audiological Evaluation and Hearing Aid Evaluation. Make sure you have a trial period with follow-up visits if you do decide to place an order. Feel free to contact me via the link in my profile (click on my name) if you have any other questions. Good Luck!

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