Q&A: what is the best hearing aid available?

Question by Penny de Vries: what is the best hearing aid available?
My husband just had his annual physical and they told him that his hearing was “no good”. I’ve known this for years. What are some of the top of the line hearing aids. We’re willing to spend whatever it takes as the hearing problem is bothersome for everyone.

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Answer by pugsley
Widex is the best in my opinion. but this is not cheap .Check if he can make an insurance claim .Perhaps he damaged his hearing at work .

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  1. toots says:

    You need to take him to an audiologist (NOT a hearing aid dispenser, they can’t evaluate his hearing in the same way, and will try to sell you aids which may not be appropriate, just the most expensive) to have his hearing evaluated. They can advise you as to which aid is best for his type of hearing loss (loss has several causes), and teach him how to maximize the hearing he has.

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