Q&A: What is life like with a hearing aid?

Question by rubywhite13: What is life like with a hearing aid?
I’m taking a course at my university about hearing and we’ve been learning about hearing aids. I need to interview a few people for an assignment but I haven’t been able to find anyone with aids. I’d love to learn more about you and your hearing aids. (: Thanks!!

1. Do you like your hearing aids? why

2. About how often do you wear your hearing aids a day?

3. How many places did you “shop” before purchasing your hearing aid?

4. What was the main factor you considered in choosing your hearing aid:

a. Price
b. Quality
c. Reputation of person/location that sold it to you
d. Recommendation from someone else

Best answer:

Answer by The REAL Steel Deal!!!
1. No, becuase it is showing me that I am human after all and it is making me feel old…I am 43
2. I try to wear them all the time, but get really lazy about it, but usually about 8-10 hrs a day
3. 2 Places, neither were real doctors, I should have gone to a medical doctor before peddlers
4. I did not want one, I was high pressured into it, and I finally got out of denial that I was not really losing my hearing.

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  1. jimmymae2000 says:

    1. Yes because i can hear better.
    2. All day, every day.
    3.A couple.
    4.Hearing improvement, all of the above.

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