Q&A: What is a good UNBIASED biography on Ernesto “Che” Guevara?

Question by Lauren: What is a good UNBIASED biography on Ernesto “Che” Guevara?
I have heard back and forths about how Che is evil and others claim Che is a saint and a hero. Mostly this is from online forums and the likes, anyone know of a biography that presents unbiased research so that I can have a little aid in drawing my own conclusions? This would be a great help! Thanks!

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Answer by Dee Jay =D
The best biography I found when I did a paper I did was actually a video. This video to be exact:

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  1. Henry says:

    The best biography is the 800 + page ‘Che Guevara A Revolutionary Life’ by Jon Lee Anderson.



    “Five years of research and unprecedented access to friends, family and unpublished archives have allowed Anderson to fulfill his stated aim, to present the truth about Che Guevara. As an added bonus, the author refrains from indulging in amateur psychoanalysis.” — Literary Review

    “Anderson’s massive biography…traces, with exacting precision, the avatar’s of Che’s epic life in a voice happily devoid of hagiographic rhetoric and with a healthy curiosity about seemingly irrelevant details.” — Times Literary Supplement

    “Mr. Anderson does a masterly job in evoking Che’s complex character, in separating the man from the myth and in describing the critical role Che played in one of the darkest periods of the cold war.” — New York Times Book Review

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