Q&A: What if I have tinnitus (ear ringing) but no hearing loss?

Question by Anonymous: What if I have tinnitus (ear ringing) but no hearing loss?
My hearing tests reveal no hearing loss so what does this mean? Everything online talks about noise induced hearing loss but in my case my ears started ringing because of a bad cold. Does this mean I’m going to lose my hearing soon?

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Answer by lolit
TInnitus can occur alone or in combination with sensorineural hearing loss. one management for this is the use intratympanic cortocosteroids.

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  1. Marcus says:

    Tinnitus is an odd and uncomfortable experience, but tends to be momentary and thankfully temporary. I know because I have the occasional ringing in my ears as well. This is nothing to worry about, it happens to a lot of people. Noise induced hearing loss is generally developed due to silly things like listening to music through your earphones at a completely unnecessarily loud volume for a sustained period of time. The people most likely to suffer from noise induced hearing loss are those who work in an industrial environment, or within the music industry (particularly those in bands with really loud instruments – drums, electric guitars, and so on).
    Your hearing tests reveal no hearing loss – it simply means there’s nothing to be concerned about. If it is a continuous problem and you get this ringing in your ears on a regular basis, then you should discuss this with your doctor or maybe even an audiologist – which your doctor may refer you to.

  2. Karen says:

    No. You will not lose your hearing if you take measures of things you should know about tinnitus. It is commonly caused by too much noises around you such as music, neighbors, cars, and a lot more. Simple irritation could lead into something worst so I suggest that if it will not go away after few more days then you consult a doctor immediately to avoid further infections.

  3. Bella says:

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