Q&A: What equipment should I start out with for ghost hunting?

Question by : What equipment should I start out with for ghost hunting?
I want to start ghost hunting, but can’t afford all the stuff I see on TAPS, what should I start out with first?

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Answer by Ba12348
take a heavy dose of sanity and realize that its BS

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  1. NoLibs says:

    The basic of basic equipment is a good digital camera. Look for one that snaps the photo instantly instead of with a delay. Its so annoying when you think you see something and go to snap the shot and the camera is adjusting, focusing and lighting little lights. Nothing like wasting time and missing the shot. Second would be a basic EMF meter. You can get these on line for under $ 30. Last would be a good quality digital recorder to capture EVP’s. You can get a nice one at Best Buy for around $ 60. You’ll also need a small pen flashlight for each investigator on your team. If you can afford them, a cheap set of walkie-talkies is nice to have in case you need to contact central command or vs a vs. If you really get into it, you can invest in a good mini-DVD that works in darkness. If they are a bit too pricey, you may be able to get a nice one that has IR capability and then buy a minimum 50 LED IR light to set up in the room where the mini-DVD will be placed.

    Good luck hunting!!!

  2. bertha says:

    nerves of steel a digital camera voice recorder and evp

  3. TR says:

    The best tool you could ever have is your mind adequately prepared and ready to rationally investigate. For all the fancy equipment that TAPS has, none of it can provide evidence of a ghost. EMF only detects EMF, not ghosts. FLIR only detects infrared, not the source of the infrared. Don’t even bother with EVPs, which are just pattern-matching familiar words and phrases to random noise.

    The one tool you’ll get the most use out of is a video camera. And investigate with the lights on for the following reasons: (1) the TV shows investigate with the light off only for dramatic purposes; (2) your eyes function much better in the light I’m sure you would agree; (3) your video camera will take much better video with good lighting; (4) there’s no reason to suppose that ghosts are afraid of the light, supposing that they exist in the first place.

  4. tchloe0809 says:

    Digital camera or Walmart camera. ( Either one is fine.)
    Tape recorder. ( To record your sightings by voice.)
    Pen and paper. ( To make notes and record your sightings on paper.)
    Flashlight. (To see in dark areas.)
    Video recorder. ( To record what your camera doesn’t pick up.)
    Make sure you’re dressed right; This depends on the weather and where you life.
    Don’t go alone; Go with a group in case something bad happens.
    Make sure you get permission if you’re going to a private or no trespassing area.

  5. Tomb Raider says:

    Sammi,you can start off with a digital camera and a digital tape recorder as well.Here’s a site for you to take a look at,go to http://www.ghost-mart.net. This is the most affordable place to buy equipment,hope this helps you out.Tomb Raider.

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