Q&A: What cell phones work best with a hearing aid?

Question by spike_is_my_evil_vampire: What cell phones work best with a hearing aid?
I have a BTE Phonak Zoom hearing aid, manufactured about 1999. And I need a cell phone but it needs to be hearing aid compatible.

Also, we are REALLY looking to get a RAZR phone in particular. Does anyone know if RAZR phones work well with hearing aids and if so, what model?

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Answer by queenrakle
I’m not sure about any cell phones, but you can get a Phonak Smart Link FM system, which has blue tooth technology, and you can plug your cell phone into it, which will send the signal directly into your hearing aid. You’d have to buy a reciever to attach to your hearing aid as well. This can be expensive, but if you’re planning on using your phone a lot it would be worth it. I would suggest you call Phonak’s FM division and ask them more about it. Good luck!

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