Q&A: try outs…?

Question by potential: try outs…?
i just missed the first 2 days of try outs in our high schoo team because of sprained ankle and painful knee..

but now its gone.

ok i heard that coaches wants versatile players,shooter and slasher and does ‘D’ and a team player
i also heard they dont want flashy players…

i..i could do anything defence rebound steal shoot slash dribble….etc..everything…and im a tall guard….

but i am a flashy player and i cant remove that in my style…
i am also better individually…when im playing just give me the ball and i will score…im not much of a team player but i would try…

so do i have a chance of becoming a varsity player

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Answer by mako
DUDE U CANT BE OF MUCH HELP IF YOU’RE NOT A TEAM PLAYER.i’d advice you go for street ball since that where it requires one to shine individually. anyways all the best.

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  1. tribe_chief says:


    “Above all things in ORGANIZED basketball, you absolutely
    must be COACH-ABLE.”

    “Me, I will continue to travel all over this country, (my next stop
    being U.N.L.V., the University of NEVADA-Las Vegas), to
    find a N.C.A.A. Division 1-A, Mens Basketball program, that
    accepts my resume` as being a registered voter, that Lives
    in my own off-campus apartment, because I can afford my
    monthly rent, based on my own finances.”

    “I am currently Listed as a N.C.A.A. Medical Red-shirt, dating
    back to September 2007, from the University of Oklahoma
    SOONERS Medical Center, with an arthritic, right, large toe.”

    “My financial aid comes from the U.S. Treasury Department,
    and I come with my own full-coverage, medical insurance ”

    “So, Hey! Fair is fair.”

    “I could ‘STEAM ROLL’ the U.N.L.V. Athletic Department, by
    ‘parlaying’ the Mountain West Conference, once again.”

    “Just from Leaving for the University of New Mexico, in
    Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then from there, (counting that
    ‘the LOBOS’ Athletic Department won’t agree to my terms),
    back to the University of Utah, in Salt Lake City, Utah.”

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