Q&A: Resound Sparx Hearing Aids w/Bluetooth Question?

Question by fitawav: Resound Sparx Hearing Aids w/Bluetooth Question?
My audiologist has ordered new Resound Sparx hearing aids, he informed me that they have Bluetooth, but i’m trying to determine if that feature is actually built into the hearing aid or is it an add-on like the Beetle H-2?

If it’s the Beetle H-2 i’d be sort of disappointed because I already have one and showed the doctor (since i’m sure if he ordered it I just paid 500% more then it’s worth), but if it is Integrated into the device or an add-on to the HA itself that would be pretty cool.

I would call the doctor but he is out of the office until Tuesday (9/29).

Resounds website doesn’t list anything except a Beetle BT t-coil.

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Answer by Leah
I am not sure but check on this one website (I’ll add the link below). They have tons of answers to almost any hearing aid or hearing loss question.

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