Q&A: Is surgery possible to repair hearing…?

Question by too Drunk to F*ck: Is surgery possible to repair hearing…?
…for those who were born deaf?

technology is more advanced than i could’ve imagined, like night vision contacts and even contacts with zoom capabilities, thats pretty dam genius…those people who invented that are amazing…

i have a deaf sister so i was wondering if you’ve heard of any type of surgery or advanced technology more sophisticated than those clunky hearing aids?

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Answer by crzymomma
You can get a cochlear implant.
Google it

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13 Responses to “Q&A: Is surgery possible to repair hearing…?”

  1. Em says:

    awww, that is sad. I haven’t heard of one but I would ask a surgeon and really look into it.

  2. CiCi says:

    Cochlear implants can help some people.

  3. borat says:

    i dont know if they are able to repair hearing. it really depends on whut is damaged in the ear, like the ear drumb or something. you can get a hearing aid though. i reeommend asking a doctor that question.

  4. Lizzy says:

    there is a surgery to help, but it would invovle puting a hearing aid into her skin and she would need intensive medical help and phycology to get her back so i belive that it is not a good idea

  5. spencer b says:

    well seeing that were advanceing so far in technology anythings possible

  6. pandabear says:

    yep it can….

  7. Pastel_Princess says:

    Yes they do have implants but it really depends on the severity!! Consult a doctor they could tell you a lot more..

  8. Patrick C says:

    I heard that in some cases, somepeople who are born deaf can get a surgery that can give them hearing. But I also heard that it is amazingly expnesive (even for a surgery), and it only works for some people.

  9. odie b says:

    I know a few friends that were born with very poor hearing,,
    and up until this day,,,they have never been offered a surgery to help them,,,,,,,sorry I could not be more helpful,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Mike B says:

    idk…………… maybe there might be some implant or somthing, try to google it

  11. emtp911 says:

    Would have to know the etiology of why she is deaf. Was she born deaf or did something traumatic happen? Look on the web to see what new things you can find. Put it in your Yahoo alerts. They will send you new things that they find dealing with repairing hearing loss

  12. feelingbuzzy says:

    some patients benefit from cochlear implants, but it is somewhat controversial in deaf culture.

    I havn’t met one person with a cochlear implant that ended up regretting it…try to think of it as being a form of “bilingualism”

  13. greydoc6 says:

    Depends on the cause. A lot of responders mentioned cochlear implants, but for otosclerosis there are a few procedures such as stapedectomy and stapedotomy. It’s very delicate surgery of the inner ear.

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