Q&A: I need a car but don’t have the money cuz I’m on SSI and SSD!?

Question by bazimme: I need a car but don’t have the money cuz I’m on SSI and SSD!?
I haven’t had a car since 1988…I went on disablity in 1991 and can NOT afford to get a used car nor could I afford the insurance/repairs. I’ve heard of people here (where Iive) that have gotten new ones and computers and all that stuff ( they went to the Dept of Vocational Rehab..it’s a place where they will help you pay for school, etc so that you can get a JOB and be self-suffient. At least, that’s what they’re supposed to do. I went in with my caseworker about he**, 10 yrs ago and it was like pulling a tooth to just get them to pay $ 100 to pay for my last class in (get this: HUMAN SERVICES) so I could get my AA in Arts Degree. They thought that I’d be able to work after I got my degree. NOT!

But I know people (one of my friend’s friend) that has gotten all these new things for SOME reason and he won’t tell where..he has “issues” in the M.H. arena and also has AIDS. Why can’t “I” get assistance like him? I don’t get it. I guess it’s who you know? What’s the deal with this? Help!
I’m pretty much home-bound now cuz I had 2 joint replacements last year, not to mention all my M.H. issues. I’m basically unemployable….please help if you have any ideas. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by seantucker65
Sounds like God has a different plan for you. Maybe you shouldn’t be driving

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3 Responses to “Q&A: I need a car but don’t have the money cuz I’m on SSI and SSD!?”

  1. lovelorn says:

    No money, no candy as the saying goes. Not sure what to tell you except borrow from family if you can.

  2. mark f says:

    talk to your parents about it

  3. Phat_Rabbit says:

    When it comes to the government giving you assistance or free stuff it IS like pulling teeth, you have to prove to them that you actually need something more than other folks who are also in need which is difficult to do because they have budgets and spending limits.

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