Q&A: How to get a hearing test?

Question by Matthew: How to get a hearing test?
I am wondering about this, some people say go see my doctor so he could reccomend me to an ENT? But others say go to a place where they fit you for hearing aids?

I was also wondering something. If you can see my other questions, you see that I blast my music because I can’t hear it. But, I just remembered something. When I was younger(about 10), I used to stick stuff in my ears while doing school. And would do stuff like scratch the inside with a pencil, poke qtips to about the ear drum, pretty much anything that could fit inside. I have no idea why I would do this, I guess it was just a bad habit? Well, could that have done any damage?

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Answer by sugarpie1182
There are 3 professionals you could see- ENT, audiologist, hearing aid dispenser. Skip the dispenser since they are not trained to look at your hearing diagnostically. Skip the ENT because they can’t look at your ears and tell how much hearing loss is there… they are there to perform surgery or give you medicine. If it’s permanent damage in the inner ear, no medicine or surgery can be given to you to fix the problem. See an AUDIOLOGIST. The audiologist measures your hearing and looks at it from a medical perspective first. If it could be corrected by medicine or surgery, they will direct you to ENT. If it’s in the permanent hearing system, you don’t have to see ENT… the recommendation would be for hearing aids.

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