Q&A: How much financial aid will I get?

Question by teresa m: How much financial aid will I get?
I live in san diego and work part time earning a little over a $ 1000 a month. I hear stories of people getting enough financial aid to help pay their rent. Any students on the same boat who can give some insight?

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Answer by Freddy R
When it comes to financial aid or scholarship questions, I point my friends to visit http://www.FinancialAidQuick.com and take a look around.Its excellent starting point with a few great sources of info.

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  1. Quaker O says:

    It depends on your status, do you live with your parents? Do they claim you on your taxes? If you are a dependent fin aid goes by your parents income. If you are independent, then you will get more fin aid. But I don’t think enough to cover your rent for a full year. in Cali….please….these are exaggerated stories. or maybe they accepted the 5,000 loan they did not need….but keep in mind you have to pay loans back.

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