Q&A: How do you set contacts for speed dial on the G1?

Question by John J: How do you set contacts for speed dial on the G1?
I have a T-Mobile G1. I was wondering how to set contacts for speed dials and if you even can. Please someone help. I have only had the phone for about 2 weeks.

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Answer by Clarissa
The G1 has 2 ways to quickly dial contacts: through T-Mobile’s myFaves shortcuts, to which a link is placed on the home screen, or by adding contacts to a Favorites list. Though the G1 has a physical keyboard, the only number that can be set to dial a number by pressing and holding it is the number 1 key, which dials the voicemail box by default. This voicemail box speed dial also works on the on-screen dial pad in portrait orientation.

The G1’s voice dial feature can be activated by holding down the Send key for a few seconds, or by selecting the Voice Dialer application from the main menu. It does not require training, nor do voice tags need to be added to contacts, and it had no problems identifying all of our test contacts on the first try. You can also dial a number not associated with a contact with the voice command feature simply by speaking the phone number.

After you speak a command, the G1 shows a dialogue box confirming the action, such as “Call Joe Smith on mobile” where you must press OK to proceed, or Cancel. If you ignore the dialogue box, nothing happens. While we’re used to seeing or hearing confirmations of voice commands given, we don’t usually see a confirmation that *requires* further interaction in the form of pressing a button before the command is carried out. This seems to somewhat negate the purpose of a voice command feature where the idea is to limit the need to look at the screen and press buttons in situations where it may not be safe or practical to do so.

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