Q&A: How do hearing aids work? And are they being developed?

Question by Lydia B: How do hearing aids work? And are they being developed?
obviously nowadays young people listen to loud music for long periods of time (me included) and we are damaging our hearing. when the loud noise damages or kills some of the cells in the ears how do hearing aids work to improve hearing?

are scientists developing anything better? in a few years there are going to be so many more people needing hearing aids so how are they doing with new technology/science on that, do we know?


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Answer by ♥ Pixie ♥
Hearing aids is just king of like a microphone and it makes the normal sound louder really it’s quite simple.
I don’t know if scientists are developing anything better.
I think there will be allot more young people needing hearing aids in the future, because when I listen to some of the kids in my class when they are listening to music I wonder how they can here at all.

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  1. IAN says:

    Hi Lydia

    Basically hearing aids amplify sound. They do provide some help for those of us with a hearing loss but they can’t give you back normal hearing. Mine were adjusted to try an d amplify the frequencies that I have difficulty in hearing mainly from about 2kHz up through the frequencies to 8 kHz. However, when it comes to understanding what people are saying I still have difficulty because of the damage to the tiny hair cells in my inner ears. Damage that was caused by listening to loud music when I was in my teens and twenties, so beware!

    Hearing aids have changed a lot in recent years and I’m told that they are better now than they used to be and I hope that they will continue to improve. You might want to try searching your question on the internet, I only know what I know from my own experience of hearing loss and now wearing hearing aids

    Good luck


  2. Thumbs Up says:

    Hi there, check out this FAQs page on Aidright.com for how hearing aids work:


    There is also a good forum on hearing aids and hearing loss you can check out:


    Good luck in your search!

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