Q&A: How can I get a services licenses my dog?

Question by Shinda: How can I get a services licenses my dog?
How can I get a services licenses for my dog. I’m hard of hearing without my hearing aids I’m deaf. My dog is trained to alert me when phone,bell or any alert noise. She does not let anyone pet her or take any food from anyone.

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Answer by SAHMOnTheGo
No licensure is necessary.

See http://www.ada.gov/service_animals_2010.htm- and you may want to copy this so that you can distribute it as necessary.

So long as you have a disability and the animal provides a service for you related to your disability, it qualifies as a service animal.

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  1. Renee says:

    There is no such thing as license for a hearing dog. However, if you can hear with hearing aids then it would be a hard case for you to explain why you need a dog in a public place though. she would do well at home as an at home care dog, but they don’t have public access rights. I don’t fully know your condition so I can’t say for sure if you qualify or not, but if you have a way to hear what needs to heard in public with the use of a hearing aid, generally that does not qualify a person for the use of a hearing dog.

    However, if you still feel that you do qualify for a hearing dog, there is no licensing that you have to go through if you’re from the united states. As long as the dog has a trained skill that helps with the disability, such as alerting to sounds. The next thing I would do is start teaching her how to behave in public. You can order a vest online. Understand though, that if your dog does not behave in public they have the right to deny you access. Good luck!

  2. christine l says:

    licensing is not required by law. Some state and city offer a service dog tag.. Just curious what does she do if someone tries to pet her?

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