Q&A: Have been seeking help buying hearing aid?

Question by B.B: Have been seeking help buying hearing aid?
I am a Air Force veteran , been seeking a government agency to assist me in obtaining a set of hearing aids.
I am over 60 if there’s is another source for this. I live in Silver Spring MD.

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Answer by riverofmydreams
if it’s nerve damage, there is nothing that i heard of that can help .. but miracles happen all the time.. hearing aids didn’t work 4 me when i was younger.. seemed like the sound was like people talking under water.. much different then normal voice.. they also blocked my sinus up.. but was told when aging there’s a chance i would be able 2 wear the aids.. also told i was a candidate 4 the implant.. i really didn’t want something sticking out of my head .. i asked myself how would i sleep.. good luck on yours.. don’t give up.. give it a fair chance..

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  1. 8162008 says:

    The best chance is to go through the VA and try to get a service connection for any injuries you may have obtained during your service. Hearing loss included. Best of luck.

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