Q&A: Has anyone else heard that the McCain camp is sending out phony absentee ballots to Obama supporters?

Question by gottaplaygirl: Has anyone else heard that the McCain camp is sending out phony absentee ballots to Obama supporters?
I’ve just heard that as of today, over 1 million have been sent from the McCain campaign to known Obama supporters in OHIO and MICHIGAN (2 KEY states) so that their votes WILL NOT be counted.

Oh, it’s getting dirty now.

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Answer by Me M
Sounds about right to me.

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20 Responses to “Q&A: Has anyone else heard that the McCain camp is sending out phony absentee ballots to Obama supporters?”

  1. lawrenceba549 says:

    Cite your source please.

  2. Marcia B says:

    No. I’ve never heard of that. How would they know which people to send them to? Sounds fishy.

    Obama/Biden 08

  3. aggie2010 says:

    Did Michael Moore tell you that?

  4. tonalc2 says:

    Yes, I’ve heard this (actually, it’s absentee voter applications, not ballots). It’s called voter caging. There has already been an investigation started.

    Some applications have an incorrect return address (not just a typo, a completely different state office), so they would not be processed.

    Others have added a small box (not on the official absentee ballot) which must be checked or the ballot is no good.

    Very sneaky–and yet, so freaking obvious.

    Add: For the person who wanted a source:

  5. heads are going to roll says:

    this is how rumors get started sorce please

  6. Brains and Beauty says:

    Sounds like a rumor to me…where’s your link (and please list ones that are more substantial than a lefty blog or youtube).

  7. Ike Gustav says:

    Nice lie

  8. Andy L says:

    I’m not going to believe that until i see hard evidence.

  9. robot_hooker2 says:

    They are not phony ballots. There is an extra, unneeded box on them that asks if they’re qualified to vote. It’s a technicality, though it sounds like a sensible enough question to ask.

  10. Bub says:

    Have I heard it, no, would it surprise me, no.

  11. Brick CEO says:

    I have not heard that but It is possible to do through the registrar of voters, but the really ones would still be issued.

  12. Jag älskar dig says:

    Where did you hear that, the Daily Kos? Don’t believe everything you hear.

  13. phreequ says:

    dirtier than the dems notoriously buying absentee ballots from ppl too stupid to know the facts? or filling out ballots for the dead? or harassing ppl at the polls? or telling the elderly how to vote? dirtier than that?

  14. dayum_rght says:

    What is the source of this information? I would contact one of the many Obama, election office’s and ask if they are aware. That way they can investigate it. This election is and will be way to close to sit on information such as this if it has any validity at all.

  15. Moonchild says:

    Let’s see a valid link for this one. Hello?

  16. Chicken Little's Acorn says:

    There are no more straws.

  17. Chuck_Junior says:

    No because it didn’t happen.
    NO candidate is stupid enough to commit voter fraud, which is a federal felony.
    Please cite your source.

  18. Larry O says:

    How about a link? That is the phoniest crap I have ever heard. Try again.

  19. TXNRSE says:

    LOL, Did your hairdresser tell you that?

  20. Son of Liberty says:

    And your source?

    Didn’t think so. More slime from the left.

    McCain/Palin ’08

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