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Question by a girl with a dream: halloween costume/old lady/hearing aid?
i’m dressing like an old lady for Halloween this year. i got the wig, and dress, gloves, and walker, and everything that an old lady need. but i need something that will look like a hearing aid. (i dont have any money left over, so i cant buy one). what can i use around the house to make it look like i have a hearing aid. i was thinking about a nickle…or some stick tack. i dont know. HELP.

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Answer by DaOriginal
Try the headphones that go around the top of the ear…Like these

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  1. Evelyn says:

    good luck getting the sticky tack out. you could just pretend you were too late for a hearing aid and are totally deaf. You could be like HUH? when ever people are talking to you.

  2. Tabologist says:

    You can use wax earplugs from drug store. They come in bright colors but also in clear and beige.

    You could also get over-the-counter earplugs. They smoosh down to be very thin and fit in your ear canal. On one end you could attach a picture of a hearing aid so that when you put the ear plug in your ear the picture would be right inside the ear.

    I have some old broken ones sitting around that you could use. I’m in Michigan. Feel free to email me if your interested Tabologist@gmail.com

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