Q&A: does Medicare help in the cost of a hearing aid?

Question by Elizabeth A: does Medicare help in the cost of a hearing aid?
My 88 year old mother is in need of a hearing aid and she cannot afford the cost….was wondering if Medicare helped

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Answer by vanembryzoe
haven’t you figured it out yet? Medicare doesn’t help with anything : ) they just pretend to. But I don’ t believe they do. You might just call her pcp and ask they can find out for you

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  1. hearkat says:

    NO. Although MediCARE will pay for the Ear doctor to examine her and for the Audiological evaluation, they will NOT pay anything for a hearing aid. However, MedicAID usually does pay for hearing aids, so you may want to see if your mother qualifies in your state.

    If she has a secondary insurance, there may be some coverage, but it’s not likely. ALL plans are different, so the only way to know if her secondary will cover is to call the Customer Service # on the back of her card and give them her policy number. If she does have some coverage, ask if there are certain providers she has to go to, or if there are certain protocols she must follow.

    Here’s an article that addresses some of the financial issues with Hearing Aids:

    and articles that list some organizations that offer financial assistance:

  2. ringocox says:


  3. JulyBaby says:

    Nope sorry

  4. mks 7-15-02 says:

    It Should.

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