Q&A: does lyric hearing aid hurt?

Question by : does lyric hearing aid hurt?
I am 13 and i have hearing loss, but i don’t want my friends to know because its embarrassing. I got my hearing loss when I was two or three (we don’t know) so I don’t sound any different from my friends. I first got hearing aids when I was in 2nd grade and I thought they were sooo cool, so I got them in really bright colors but now I just want them to disappear! so I looked up invisible hearing aids and it came up with lyric hearing aids, but they look really painful and I don’t know if I could go in water with them. please answer as soon as possible!

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Answer by Michael
I see patients for Lyric aids and have one patient, she is 13 years old also. She does very well! The only way to know if it is right for you is to see an audiologist that provides Lyric. You need to have a certain type of hearing loss and a large enough ear canals. Next month the company is releasing new sizes and most likely would work for you if it is appropriate for your hearing loss.

They are not painful at all!

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