Q&A: Does anyone wear a body worn hearing aid?

Question by : Does anyone wear a body worn hearing aid?
I was in the train station today behind a young woman wearing a hearing aid. Her earpiece had a clear earmold and the wire went up over her ear and down into her blouse. I was wondering……
where do you actually carry the hearing aid itself?
how well do you hear when wearing a jacket or coat?
She spoke perfect English and seemed to have no problem at all.
How would you use this to hear better on the phone?

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Answer by mister ed
are you sure it was not a radio/cd player — most hearing devises have no wires!!!

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  1. kAudio says:

    The woman more than likely had a cochlear implant on or an assistive listening device (ALD) which is used in conjunction with hearing aids to hear devices such as a cell phone or MP3 player.

    Older cochlear implants were connected to their processor by a cord; however, the latest cochlear implants have become much more compact and all parts are worn near the ear.

    As mentioned an ALD is something used in conjunction with the hearing aids to allow improved hearing in noisy situations or allow a hearing aid that does not have wireless capabilities to interface with a cell phone or audio device via an induction/telecoil loop.

    Body worn hearing aids are no longer sold and I highly doubt anyone is still wearing them. Historically body worn devices were still worn by persons with severe hearing loss but with today digital hearing aids and small electronic parts used to make hearing aids, even the most powerful hearing aids are compact and worn ear level.

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