Q&A: Did your newborn fail their hearing test before going home?

Question by lysistrata411: Did your newborn fail their hearing test before going home?
My son was born 5 weeks early and the audiologist came to give him his hearing test before releasing him. He passed one and failed one the first day. Today the same thing happened and she said that, if anything, it could indicate a minor hearing loss. She said it may be nothing and we are to come back in 2 months to redo the test. Has anyone gone through this? What were the results later? Just wondering what his chances are! Thanks!

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Answer by killerspeed77
my child failed in one ear but not the other, when we came back she passed in both ears.

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  1. ProudNewMommy says:

    My daughter failed both ears 2 times,but then went back after 2 months and passed. They said it could have been water log in her ear, and you should be able to tell if he has hearing lost buy him not reacting to sound very well! Hope it helped good luck!

  2. Diego is a clumsy crawler says:

    yes. Diego failed on his left ear 3 times.

    I went back 2 weeks later and he passed
    the women said he probably had fluid stuck in there

    did you have a c-section? it is very common for fluid to be stuck in the baby’s ears with a c-section

    i didnt have one but my son still had fluid stuck

  3. !!!!??? says:

    my daughter passed in one ear but failed the other on the day she was coming home. when the community health nurse came out at about 3wks she passed both ears. they say it is pretty normal to fail at first because they still have some fluid in their ears.

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