Q&A: Can you give me A rating on starkey Aspect hearing aid?

Question by JOHN Sgramps: Can you give me A rating on starkey Aspect hearing aid?

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Answer by ZCT
The Starkey Aspect is an amazing hearing aid for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss. It is especially great for patients with a nerve loss at the high frequencies and good low frequencies.

They offer it in two flavors. Once is a three channel and the other is an eight channel. The former is good, and the latter is excellent because it uses the Axent technology which was Starkey’s best.

However just around the corner (probably by the end of the year) there are plans afoot to put the new nFusion technology into the same kind of device. This will probably be three times more effective than the current system (many technical reasons why).

While I am not one to advise people to wait on technology (you could wait forever), in this case the new system will be so much more advanced it is probably worth waiting a few months. That said it is bound to be way more expensive than the current two models. But that said those other two models may come down in price when the new one comes out.

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