Q&A: Can I get my ear cartilage pierced with a 16 gauge circular barbell?

Question by Gothicblackrose19: Can I get my ear cartilage pierced with a 16 gauge circular barbell?
Um. I really do want my left helix ear cartilage done, but I am paranoid about the swelling. I pierced my right ear cartilage with a cheap walmart earring stud that locks in the back. BAD idea and the even worse thing, I ended up in the hospital because the earring got swallowed. Ended up with a deformed ear.

I really do want a helix piercing, but I hate studs. They are very bad for initial piercings, and according to my own experience. I will go to a professional, but I would love to have a 16 gauge circular barbell, like a horseshoe earring. Will that be okay for the swelling? Is it easy to take care of than a stud? I am thinking about either a horseshoe barbell or captive bead ring. Which one is best?

Also, what diameter should I use — 5/16 or 3/8 for initial piercing? Thanks! Later, when the ear heals up completely and the swelling is gone, I will change to a 16 gauge labret stud for comfort. I am deaf and I wear hearing aids, that is why I have chosen the ring and the labret studs for my best comfort.

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Answer by Heather La’Ahad☣
Studs are for earlobes. The nonprofessionals with those crappie unsanitary piercings guns have no idea whut they are doing.

The best thing to put into a healing piercing is a straight or curved barbell. Rings and horseshoes tend to cause bumps like hypertrophic scarring during the healing process.

Don’t worry about the size. As long as you go to a professional that uses hollow needles will know the proper size to put into your piercing. Usually they are longer at first to allow room for swelling.

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  1. Lava says:

    No problem, any decent pro can do that, and will have that size and type of jewelry, probably in a few different materials. For fastest healing I recommend titanium or niobium, in my experience titanium gives a much better, less troubled healing experience than even the best quality steel. Niobium is even more gentle on a piercing than titanium, but is much heavier, more expensive, and usually harder to find.

    I prefer captives, while both have a snagging risk my long hair gets tangled inside CBBs too easily. At least a ring is closed, plus I just prefer the look. But with short hair, not too much of a difference unless the ends pinch the edge of your ear. As to the diameter, the piercer can go over what will fit you best, but another benefit of a CBB is that you can bend it slightly more open, to accommodate swelling, then slightly closed when swelling subsides. So if you liked the smaller one it wouldn’t automatically be too small for swelling.

    The piercer can also do a sterile jewelry change for you before healing, if it’s necessary to have short jewelry for your comfort. One thing you’ll want to consider is whether your hearing aid parts would ever be in contact with your piercing, and if so they’d need to be cleaned as often as the piercing is. While I do agree straight jewelry is best for most cartilage and is essential for thick cartilage, usually the curve of a captive ring or circular barbell isn’t enough to bother the amount of cartilage in a simple helix piercing.

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