Q&A: Can anyone please help me with referrals or advice?

Question by Maria: Can anyone please help me with referrals or advice?
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Hi, i am 18. I am in school, trying to get my GED and looking for a job, expecting to go to college next year in the fall. I live in Chicago, and my son is in texas with his father. His father served me papers in June for temporary orders of a. Appointing Petitioner, The father, Temporary Sole Managing Conservator, and designating Petitioner as the conservator who has the exclusive right to designate the primary residence of the child b. Ordering Respondent to pay child support while this case is pending. c. Ordering Respondent have only supervised visitation with the child. I Responded to this saying i disagreed with everything. Two months went by and i still didnt get anything back, i talked to the father and he said he would fix things, he says hes trying to help me. Hes doing this because he wants me back, he even told me himself he wants me back and he misses me. How is he trying to help me??? i do not know??? because he is not trying to help me! He is manipulative and hes a liar. He tells everyone what they want to hear. After my son was born he didnt even want to help me AT ALL. He just played video games and after i left he barely came to see his son. He always said he was busy. I went to a hearing recently on the 25th of Sep. I was by myself. He has an attorney and the attorneys intern. All three of them there and his older brother, who loves my son very much and him and his wife want to adopt, and they dont like me. I was in a room with all of them stareing at me, his attorney asking me what i wanted to do. I went blank i couldnt think, i didnt know what to say. I just started crying. And they still just stared at me. I asked her what they where wanting to do because i didnt understand the papers they served me. She told me it was just something they came up with for the judge to sign, but if the father wants to let me take him for a while and give him back he can, but of corse he will not allow it. My friend talked to someone from a legal hotline, and they told her that his attorney was wrong and i didnt have to sign anything, and that she shouldnt have to scratch out anything on a legal document. His attorney put on the papers that i did not show up for the hearing before the hearing date. They scratched it out and they told me to sign next to it. They taught me into signing and agreeing with what they were offering. My friend said usually they come up with an amount for you to pay child support from your pay stubbs, but i dont have a job. And it says Wage Assignment, which means they take the money from your checks right? But i dont have a job, how could they do that? They sent me papers about the hearing, i received them 2 days before the hearing. It almost seems like they did this on purpose. They didn’t give me enough time, and they put on the papers for the judge to sign that i did not show up. I was there way before them. I want to get my son back! Anyone please help me. I read online that if the father was abusive that i don’t even have to let him see my son, even if he never abused the child. He did abuse me, more than once. Mentally and physically. But i wont keep him from seeing him, i just want my son. I want Joint custody but i want Primary. Can anyone please help me in any way posible. Referals for probono attorneys. Or if you are an attorney, can you PLEASE help me. Ive tried legal aid but they cant help me, because hes useing legal aid. And he has 3 jobs! and he lives with his parents, his mom works and his dad gets disability checks. How does he qualify for legal aid. He dosnt even take care of the baby, maybee for an hour or 2. His mom takes care of him. He told me he works every day, he doesnt get one day off, he told me himself. and he gets drunk all the time, he even told me he still drinks. He use to sale weed when i was with him, he was on probation for tagging. I have NEVER done drugs, and have NEVER gotten in trouble in my life. My life is hard because of my parents. The reason i live in Chicago is because my friend and her mom is the only place i have right now. Her mom is helping me finish school. My dad is in jail, and my mom, doesnt have a job and lives with her friends sometimes, and her mom, and sometimes in her car. I want a better life for me and my son. I am nothing like my parents. I did get pregnant at a young age i know, so dont comment on that. And say you shouldnt have gotten pregnant. Because i know! and i dont regret haveing him, because he is soo wonderfull! i love my son soooo much. and i know its really hard but i dont care, i LOVE takeing care of him. I never minded when he woke me up at 3am and when he wouldnt go to sleep. because even when he did sleep i was still awake watching him. i miss him sooo much. I want him back. PLEASE if you have nothing nice to say than dont say anything
I told you legal aid cannot help me! Conflict of interest. The father has legal aid.
yes it is considered conflict of interest in two different states. legal aid of chicago told me i had to get help in texas, because the case is in texas and hes useing legal aid.

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Answer by puppysyndrome
Maria, unless a lawyer/solicitor can answer your question on here, you really need to seek legal counsel on this as it appears to be a very complex situation. If you can’t afford legal counsel, call legal aid and they should be able to assist you

is it still considered conflict of interest if it’s 2 different states?

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  1. SweetiePateety says:

    Get online and look up and call every divorce lawyer in whatever county he lives in. Maybe one can help you out or point you toward someone who will take payments or hopefully pro bono.

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