Q&A: Buying a hearing aid?

Question by car33: Buying a hearing aid?
ya im a little hard of hearing on my right ear. where can i buy invisible hearing aids. I want little ones. i say what did u say all the time and I have to have the tv loud to. im 37yrs old i feel old sometimes.

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Answer by Sue C
Dora, go in the yellow pages, call a few places & tell them what you’re looking for. Ask them for “ball park” prices, they w/give them to you. My Granddaughter was VERY hard of hearing, had special teachers w/her in all her classes, but she did very well. Of course she wore those “brite colored” hearing aids the kids wear. Unfortunately we “lost her” a couple yrs. ago in a car accident at age 14. She was a beautiful darling girl who we are all devastated in loosing her. She is w/her “hero” on her My Space who was “Jesus”. So we KNOW we WILL see her again one day…But make some calls & get some ideas of price. I think you’re going to find they ARE expensive tho. Best to you, honey…:)

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